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good girl 3 years ago
this may sound stupid, but I like to find a man that would treat me that way, and I would swallow his piss, and I clean up the mess.
Sparky the Clown 2 years ago
He pisses like he just drove 12 hours straight with no rest stop.
3 years ago
This is why we love white girls
Reviewer 3 years ago
She is treated much too well. Why does she have so much control over the dildo? Why does it stay out of the toilet water? Just for starters...
rob 2 years ago
good girl! i would sit .shit while she sucks the cum out of my balls and stand and have her rim my asshole clean...sip up and leave
i call it the mens sss
2 years ago
This man dick is short as fuck lol
Motherfucker 3 years ago
Stop pissing mother fucker ! Fuckin bitch has a fucked up Bladder problem fuckin camel
11cool11 2 years ago
So this is what goes on in a woman's restroom
3 years ago
Me next
3 years ago
what I like to see is seeing her clean up the mess lol