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Kinky Lover 2 years ago
Thank you both so much for this video. Its important to let the world know about this. Its important to know you don't have to feel bad if you like things like that. Its only sexuality. And the most important thing is that everyone who is involved in this enjoys what's happening. Once again thanks you for your courage to post this !
I’ve 2 years ago
Been looking for a sub to use this way. It’s been far to long since ive this kinda fun.
HotAussiePorn 2 years ago
This was so well done . congrats on a great video both of ya
2 years ago
Honestly felt ashamed of my kinks as I’ve never had a submissive partner that would ever explore more then a bit of light bdsm and anal abuse but to see you guys have such a healthy dom and sub relationship with all the stuff that you do has made me feel so much more comfortable with the shit I’m into so thanks
Michael Taylor 2 years ago
I’m in love with the both of you Your videos are a work of art keep it up Means the world to meAgain absolutely remarkable best ever seen love you both
Amazing 2 years ago
Wow. This was the hottest thing ive seen in so long, glad to see some fellow Australians making some hot porn. Thank you guys so much!
2 years ago
Beautiful lady in so many ways
creampie love 2 years ago
Love it 1 year ago
I love ur videos and i love it how u look with Glasses .
Thank you both Kiss
1 year ago
I'll wear panties while men in public piss in my open mouth